LIVINGAGRO Project Technology Transfer Workshop at Athena Research Center

On Tuesday, September 5th, the Athena Research Center hosted the LIVINGAGRO – ENI CBC Med Programme Technology Transfer Workshop. The Sustainable Development Unit team engaged in various activities, including conducting a pre-competitive analysis and developing e-learning modules for launching new businesses. Additionally, they delivered in-person educational sessions based on these modules in Lebanon and Jordan.

Professor Phoebe Koundouri provided an introductory overview of the project the team has been working on. Subsequently, Dr. Conrad Landis and Dr. Konstantinos Dellis provided a comprehensive presentation on the pre-competitive analysis process and its outcomes, focusing on the evaluation of innovations and technology assessments. Giota Koltsida and Mihalis Dorgiakis demonstrated the Precompetitive platform, showcasing its functionality and capabilities. Following this, Lydia Papadaki delivered an overview of the technology transfer process, emphasizing its dissemination aspects and shared insights on business coaching, while Eleni Toli led a discussion on intellectual property management, patenting procedures, and the importance of intellectual property rights.

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