1st meeting of SDSN Greece-Youth

The SDSN Greece-Youth first official meeting took place on October 4, 2016 at ICRE8, one of the co-hosting institutions of SDSN, in Maroussi, with great success. Many university students and some NGO volunteers attended the event and committed to help empower the youth network of SDSN Greece to create sustainable solutions.

At the beginning of the meeting everyone had the chance to introduce themselves and express their views about the sustainable development and the SDSN initiative.

ICRE8 senior researchers Achilleas Vassilopoulos and Ebun Akinsete participated in the event, presenting their current and past research on sustainability, including DAFNE, GLOBAQUA, SIMRA and BRIGAID Horizon 2020 projects.  SDSN Greece program manager Klea Morianou presented SDSN-Greece while the newly appointed SDSN Greece-Youth representative Christina Christoforou Livani made an introduction to the SDSN Youth, followed by a discussion on the next SDSN Greece-Youth actions.

Here are some of the discussed ideas:

  • Create a hub similar to SDSN Med for the young people and participate in the SDSN Med conference in Spring 2017
  • Set our priorities as national network-determine the most necessary and significant goals for Greece
  • Approach Greek universities to become members of SDSN Greece-Y. When achieve this, set up events in each university focused on the objective and the goals that concern each one of them
  • Set up a Skype-meeting with the global Youth Representative Sam Loni
  • Gather 17 universities. Each one of them will be responsible to try to support one of the 17 SDGs for the next year
  • Create social media accounts: FB(already exists), Instagram, twitter
  • Promote the SDG academy and motivate our members to enroll in its online courses which are offered free of charge

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