3rd General Assembly of our H2020COASTAL project

Covid19 prevented us to be hosted by our local partner INRAE in Rochefort, France, for the 3rd General Assembly of the H2020 COASTAL project. Instead we switched to the new normality of online meetings between the 21st and 24th of September, which enabled to consortium to set up a clear agenda and set of actions for the coming year. WP1 will organize its last round of cross-sectoral Multi-Actor Lab workshops in each of the local case study to validate the land-sea system dynamic models and explore business solutions; WP2 will finalize the data model inventory while WP3 will co-develop with the Multi-Actor Labs strategic business roadmaps and policy guidelines for land-sea suneries; WP4 will continues working on the SD models at case study level in order for WP5 to develop a set of scenarios and transitions pathways. WP6 will increase the visibility of the project and results diffusion along WP7 which will ensure the cohesion of the consortium and a good communication and coordination between partners and WPs activities.   https://h2020-coastal.eu/  Twitter @H2020_coastal

Learn more about the project: http://www.unsdsn.gr/coastal-h2020

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