56th International Conference: Futura Colloquia | Piancogno, Italy

During the 56th International Conference: Futura Colloquia held in Piancogno, Italy, on Friday, June 9th, Professor Phoebe Koundouri gave a speech titled “Escaping the Multi-crisis: Paving the way for the Implementation of Sustainability.” This event was part of the I.S.E.O. Summer School, which was organized by the IS.E.O. institute in collaboration with the Camera di commercio di Brescia.

During the panel discussion at the conference, Professor Koundouri engaged in a dialogue with Mr. Giuseppe Pasini, CEO of Feralpi Group, one of Europe’s major steel manufacturers specializing in steel products for construction and special applications. The discussion focused on how the Steel Industry can profitability transform into becoming ESG-SDG compatible and implement European Green Deal Regulations (Corporate Sustainability Directive, Fit for 55, etc)

Professor Koundouri highlighted the 3-step approach for company ESG-SDG transformation, assessment, reporting, and monitoring, and explained how this holistic and dynamic methodology can guide companies to capitalize in the wealth of opportunities offered by the green-digital-social enhancing transition.

Futura Colloquia, an initiative designed to promote dialogue and comprehension in the realms of entrepreneurship and economics, provided a platform to address pressing global economic issues and their local implications. This gathering served as a precursor to the highly anticipated Futura Expo event, scheduled to take place in October at the Brescia Fair.

The audience comprised over 80 attendees, including entrepreneurs, economists, and various other professionals.

For more information about the Futura Colloquia, please visit the I.S.E.O. institute’s website.

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