5th Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform Meeting

On November 9th, Professor Koundouri delivered the keynote address during the 5th Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform meeting, which the European Commission manages jointly with the Committee of the Regions to foster the implementation of the Zero Pollution Action Plan for Air, Water and Soil,  focused on Green and Digital Skills part of the Unit of the SDSN Global Climate Hub that focuses on Just Transition. “Our team has developed a novel classification system for the “Green and Digital” skills, knowledge concepts and Occupations. Even if they might seem like two distinct issues, they are in fact very closely interrelated: neither can succeed without the other, and they are both equally important for Europe’s future. People, and especially employees, are expected to be affected to a high extent by this change. Specifically, there is a need to raise attention to intertwined skills and climate policies as there is great potential to further develop green and digital skills to drive both climate neutrality and a recovery full of job opportunities”.

The meeting provided an opportunity for reflection on the insights gained from the European Year of Skills for the Green Transition, along with discussions on Flagships 1 (Green Deal and Health) and 6 (New European Bauhaus) from the Zero Pollution Action Plan. Furthermore, the agenda covered strategic research considerations for the Green Transition, encompassing the Zero Pollution initiative, and initiated preliminary discussions for the European Commission’s upcoming mandate.

Learn more and watch the discussion at: https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/zero-pollution-stakeholder-conference-2023-11-09

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