ARSINOE Case study #2 – The Mediterranean Ports with the Prof. Phoebe Koundouri

ARSINOE Case study #2 – The Mediterranean Ports


Location: The ports of Piraeus (Greece), Limassol (Cyprus), and Valencia (Spain).

Key Facts: The Piraeus seaport is one of the leading European seaports (second maritime cluster globally) in terms of coastal shipping, cruise and containerized cargo. The Port is involved in 14 EU-funded projects related to its intention and target to become a “green” and financially independent seaport. The seaport of Valencia is Spain’s leading Mediterranean port in terms of commercial traffic, and it is also the maritime gateway for various commercial activities to and from the entire Iberian Peninsula. The seaport of Limassol handles 90% of the export and import volume of Cyprus and a lively Cyprus passenger traffic, including cruise ships and ferry connections with Greece, Israel, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Actions: Weather phenomena sharpened by climate change can cause extensive damage to the port and coastal infrastructure. Sea level rise coupled with more frequent and more intense storm waves and intense winds are a menace for seaports, their adjacent infrastructure, and waterways globally, causing submergence, flooding, and coastal erosion. ARSINOE will directly address infrastructure and maritime transportation by improving their resilience, health and well-being by avoiding cascading effects of climate change on human communities, including the risk of mortality and relocation.

Expected impacts: With the completion of the project, the health risks associated with extreme events including summer maximum temperature, storm waves and flooding should be significantly minimized by designing tailored adaptation pathways for seaports, whereas the well-being of the adjacent communities should be enhanced. In addition, the change in the behavior of both the stakeholders and the members of the wider port society should also be visible. The perception of dealing with a problem locally and isolated will be replaced by the belief that only through creative synergies can effective solutions emerge. Besides, it is expected to increase public awareness on issues related to the smooth operation and resiliency of ports, as well as a willingness by people to get engaged in the implementation of relevant actions.

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