BRIDGE-BS 3rd Steering Committee – Athens 8th of April

BRIDGRE-BS partners had finally the opportunity to meet for the first time during the 3rd Steering Committee held in Athens on the 8th of April. During the meeting updates on each Work Package, identified next steps and general project relevant updates from the Steering Committee were discussed. WP leaders expressed their deep concerns regarding the current situation in the Black Sea and the impacts the war in Ukraine will or already have in the project activities.

Nevertheless, with the project soon to close its first year of activity, progresses have been made according to plan in all 3 nodes (Service dynamics; Blue Growth incubators; Empowered citizens, the WP6 living labs, led by AUEB, have been successfully implemented in 4 out of 6 countries, presented by the coordinator as the highlight of this first year of BRIDGE-BS project implementation! Prof. Phobe Koundouri and Alice Guittard, co-presented their work as AUEB partner.

The project General Assembly will be held on the 26-28th of September back to back with the High Tech Summit (WP7).


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