Call for an EU Blue Deal – High-level conference

On October 26, 2023, Professor Phoebe Koundouri participated in the high-level conference titled “Call for an EU Blue Deal” which was organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The event brought together top-level representatives from various EU institutions, water experts, and key stakeholders to discuss the most pressing water-related challenges of today and the future. The focus was on evaluating existing policies and actions to underscore the existing gaps and emphasize the need for an EU Blue Deal.

Professor Koundouri gave a speech during “Panel 3: Blue Deal Financing and Blue Diplomacy.” In her presentation, she emphasized the importance of addressing the multi-crisis and the need of sustainability transition based on the UN Agenda 2030, the 17 SDGs and the European Green Dea, and the work at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Global Climate Hub and ESG and SDG measurements.

This panel delved into two overarching themes related to the proposed EU Blue Deal: the economic aspects and Blue Diplomacy. It highlighted the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to tackle the global water crisis, incorporating both financing strategies and international actions. Panelists explored economic considerations that require special attention an

d discussed ways to enhance the international dimension of the EU’s efforts in addressing water-related challenges.

Introduction to the topic was provided by Milena Angelova, Member of the EESC and rapporteur on the Blue Deal. Panelists included:  Almotaz Abadi, Deputy Secretary, General for Water, Environment and Blue Economy, Union for the Mediterranean, Phoebe Koundouri, Professor Athens University of Economics and Business & Technical University of Denmark, President EAERE, Chair SDSN Global Climate Hub, Co-chair SDSN Europe, Patricia Calderon, Global Associate Director for Water, CDP Europe

Learn more about the Conference here

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