CATALYST Workshop, Project Meeting & International Event in Graz

On the 28th and 29th of November took place at the transformative workshop “CATALYST CoVes and impact on socioeconomic development”, in Graz, Austria, providing participants with a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of thriving. Moderated by the distinguished Prof. Wayne Visser, the workshop showcased a vision where innovation becomes the driving force behind the regeneration of nature, society, and the economy. The workshop offered insights into transitioning from degradation to restoration, depletion to renewal, disparity to responsibility, disease to revitalization, disconnection to rewiring, and disruption to resilience.

On the Wednesday, 29th of November, an international hybrid event with title: “Inspire and Enable: How to Transform Business Towards Sustainability” took place at FH JOANNEUM. They keynote speech was on “The Future of Business: Regenerating Nature, Society and the Economy” by Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser, Antwerp Management School, Belgium.

Finally, on Thursday, 30th of November, CATALYST Partners participated at the 4th Project meeting aiming to discuss activities and milestones for 2024, how resources and services will be connected with the chosen sectors, the catalyst platform as well as the guidelines for the preparation of training materials.

Lydia Papadaki, PhD c. Researcher in Economics and Eleni Toli, Senior researcher from our team represented @Resees, AUEB and participated at the Workshop, International Event and Project Meeting and had the opportunity to react and reflect in relevance with the participant of other organisations, as well as in relation to the CATALYST Centre.


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