CE BEACONS Webinar “Highly efficient and effective circular systems based on water and materials”

The webinar entitled “Highly efficient and effective circular systems based on water and materials”, which will take place in digital format on
November 11, 2020, 12:00-13:40 CET .

This topic is following the recommendations received from the participants of our previous webinars. The main goal is to highlight the key principles about natural material flows, how we can integrate our industrial and economic material flows within the natural ones and closing the material loops. For this the purpose we have framed the main topics on our agenda as follows:

  • Circular Economy in the Water Sector – Best Practices
  • Industrial Ecology, The Science Of Material Flows
  • Closing the material loops – From waste to value

The event is organized by Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Timis within the Project Western Balkan Circular and Climate Innovation Beacons ”CE Beacons”, in collaboration with
project partners: Wuppertal Institute of Climate, Environment and Energy- Germany, Cleantech Bulgaria, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Athena Research And Innovation Center In Information, Communication And Knowledge Technologies- Greece and Center for the circular economy development CirEkon- Serbia.

CE BEACONS Project is supported by EIT Climate-KIC and aims to prepare companies for coming systemic CE implementation with raising skills capacity of the local workforce, raising enabling
conditions and helping decision-makers lift recognized business barriers. It also aims to co-design a regionally-fit framework with implementation methods, then to deliver knowledge through Train the Trainer (TtT) formats to experienced professionals and trainers dedicated to CE transition. This transfer of experience from Western Europe partners to Balkan partners aims to re-shape the
frameworks and processes that are tested and working in the “west”, in order to fit the Balkan context.

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