Climate-KIC – MEDfreeSUP: Field work in Syros island

Syros field work 14-17 September 2020

The Climate-KIC MEDfreeSUP team visited the Cycladic island of Syros in order to get a deeper understanding of the local context related to the use of Single-Use-Plastic items in the island. Following a fructuous meeting with Mr. Nicolaos Emm. Leivadaras, the mayor of Syros, at the city council, the team conducted interviews with local business owners from cafes, bars, beach bars and restaurants to assess their uses of single-use items, better understand the possibilities of changes to switch to environmentally friendly practices, and involve them in the project as local stakeholders.

The team also has the opportunity to meet with Mr. Giannis Vroutsis, president of FODSA (waste management unit – Municipality of Syros), and Mrs. Aggeliki Printezi the vice-president in order to get an overview of the waste management system in the island as well as Mr. Xatzantonis Giorgos, head of the bars/restaurants business association of Syros, a major stakeholder to support the transition toward the use of non-SUP items in the food and beverage industry in the island.

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