BL.EU. Climate: Climate innovation in Southern European Waters

BL.EU  Climate is a project developed by EIT Climate-KIC partners in Croatia (Green Energy Cooperative), Greece (ATHENA RC) and Portugal (FCT NOVA) which aims to address the challenge of CO2 emissions by tackling plastic marine littering in southern European waters through innovation. This will be done by building capacity for innovation alongside the local challenge owners in order to address the issue at the very beginning of its life cycle, on the prevention side, thus avoiding production of plastic materials (and plastic waste) as well as carbon emissions in the first place.
Together with the economic actors from the system around ports in the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas, the consortium led by FCT NOVA gathered around this problem with a common vision of plastic- free seas. Each country partner will work closely with local problem owners: in Croatia, island Cres and island Zlarin; in Greece, the port of Piraeus and in Portugal, the port of Lisbon focusing on the pillars of commerce, fishing and tourism. The project will deliver a roadmap for plastic free southern European seas for the next 10 years.
Learn more about BL.EU Climate Project.
Status: Completed
Start Date:

End Date: 12/2019

Type: European
Responsible: Director Prof. Phoebe Koundouri

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Faculty of Science and Technology, Green energy cooperative

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