X-KIC Activities: Cross-KIC Water Scarcity Activities

EIT Climate-KIC has identified – with EIT Food, Raw Materials and Manufacturing – water scarcity as a fundamental topic to work together for the whole southern region development but still being weakly integrated in the current activities, establishing a clear opportunity for collaboration. Through this project, the 4 KICs aim to find innovative solutions to prevent and mitigate water scarcity and drought, as well as the over usage of water, as to move towards a water-efficient and water-saving economy, focusing on raising awareness, learning to save water, and managing the available resources more efficiently. Outreach will cover all Southern European countries, the activities proposed will be focused and delivered across 3 RIS countries (Italy, Greece and Spain). Leveraging on best practices, ensuring efficiency and knowledge sharing, new synergies and opportunities will be established and integrate the system approach to be applied to water scarcity.


Status: Completed
Start Date:
End Date:
Responsible: Director Prof. Phoebe Koundouri
Partners: Climate-KIC Holding BV

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