Voluntary National Review on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action plan, a road map, and a beacon that paves the way to a future we strive for. It is unprecedented in scope and reaches. What is more, it is a holistic approach to mankind’s pressing problems and it has agreed upon by the international community.

I want to stress that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lies at the core of our aspirations as a country. We want sustainable and fair growth, equal opportunities for all in education, full employment and decent working conditions, as well as transparent and accountable governmental institutions.

Greece, having been stricken hard by the economic crisis over the past eight years, sees in the Agenda a roadmap towards a future that will heal the wounds austerity left in the country. I believe that as Greece ushers itself into a new era, the Sustainable Development goals will serve, not only as a constant reminder of our priorities within the country but also as a blueprint of the values we want to promote as an international community.

To that end, we have worked to promote the social and solidarity economy alongside promoting cohesion. We have tried to upgrade and modernise our social security system, to ensure a minimum income for all and we have managed to

implement universal healthcare. At the same time, we have made efforts towards a circular economy, in order to minimise our carbon footprint and we have applied the Integrated Water Resources Management principles. E-governance, anti-corruption measures and a continuing fight to promote human rights have also been a bedrock of our efforts.

Our report shows that Greece is fully commit- ted to the 2030 Agenda. It is fully committed not because the goals therein have been imposed by some outside forces. It is fully committed because the Sustainable Development Goals coincide with our vision for the future, with our vision for our heritage to the next generations.

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