Greek-based Affiliated Researchers

Adamos Giannis

Dr., Research Associate at University of Thessaly

Akinsete Ebun

Dr., Senior Researcher, ICRE8, SDU at ATHENA RC, ReSEES AUEB

Alevizos Antonios

Dr., Panteion University, Co- Manager SDSN Greece

Alexandropoulou Vera

Lawyer, MBA, Harvard University, LLM, Law, Heidelberg University, Vice President, Thalassa Foundation

Chalastani Vassiliki

Researcher National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Chelmi Efrossini

Mechanical Engineer; Researcher, PhD candidate

Dellis Konstantinos

Dr., Post-Doctoral Researcher at ATHENA RC

Demian Elias

Researcher at IOBE, Regional Coordinator of the External Monitoring Team of the LIFE programme (South East Europe), Sustainability advisor for Moore Greece

Devves Stathis

Researcher, PhD candidate

Gerasopoulos Evangelos

Dr., Research Director National Observatory of Athens

Grammatikogiannis Elias

Dr., Researcher in Geography and Regional Planning; Consultant Engineer

Guittard Alice

Geographer specialized in Sea & Coastal

Ioannou Alexandra

Associate Researcher at University of Thessaly

Kartala Xanthi- Isidora

Dr. PhD Financial Mathematics, Athens University of Economics

Katifori Akrivi

Dr., Senior researcher at "Athena" Research and Innovation Center

Kofinas Dimitrios

Dr., PhD Civil Engineer at University of Thessaly