International Affiliated Researchers

Adler Oliver

Dr., Global Head of Economic Research at Credit Suisse AG

Alamanos Angelos

Dr., Policy Analyst in Water Services, National Water Forum of Ireland - Postdoctorate at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Anzaldúa Gerardo

Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany

Chioatto Elisa

PhD Candidate

Fanini Lucia

Dr., MSc in Ecology and PhD in Animal Ethology and Ecology, University of Florence

Gorezis Panagiotis

Dr. Environmental Microbiologist

Guanche García Raúl

Dr., University of Cantabria

Helming Alysia

President, EarthStudios; Bestselling Author and Unicorn Founder

Kougias Ioannis

MEng MSc PhDProgramme Officer - Scientific Research at European Commission

Krol Durk

Executive Director at Water Europe

Mammola Paolo

Dr., RRF Task Force, Italian Ministry of University and Research

Nauges Céline

Dr., Research Director at INRAE, Toulouse

Pollicino Marilena

Dr., Economic Advisor, Defra

Tyllianakis Emmanouil

Dr., Research Fellow at University of Leeds