EIT Climate-KIC | CE Beacons: Western Balkan Circular and Climate Innovation Beacons

CE Beacons: Western Balkan Circular and Climate Innovation Beacons

The goal of this project is to build an eco-system for circular, climate-related innovation that catalyses systems transition in sequences from the experiment through collaboration to implementation. Such a cross-national ecosystem currently does not exist in the Balkan region, but it is demanded by Chambers of Commerce, Ministries and the business sector.

The project tackles the following objectives:

i) establish and empower a network of actors in the Balkans and other countries for developing and implementing circular innovation in business and policy,

ii) connect countries through shared circular Vision, Information, Resources and Experience on both strategic and operational level,

iii) nurture shared learning amongst “Beacons” to raise the capacity of places for systems circular change and climate ac on,

iv) convene and work with (cross-country) partnerships that promote place-based hotspots, and

v) reduce total negative impacts from current market design through establishing circular markets.

The project also tackles local municipalities by establishing partnerships through the urban restoration of brownfield spaces, which are aimed to become “innovation catalysers”. These physical innovation catalysers include space for innovation display, testing and boosted implementation (commercialization). In coordination with other EIT Climate KIC portfolio projects, (such as CICERONE, Loop, Pathfinders, Circular Ci es, etc.), pre-defined innovation fields are supposed to be prioritized, while specific innovations promoted, business shifts implemented and (joint) policies drafted. However, CE Beacons focus is to find and implement already existent innovation on TRL 4. This project perfectly blends or complements DDs for Circular, Regenerative Economies and Just Transformation, being that it leverages the position of the united Balkan culture and resources and brings the whole region closer to Circular Europe.

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 Duration: June 2020 – December 2020 | January 2021 – December 2021

 Budget: for 2020: € 269,827 | for 2021: Total Funding: € 299,489.00 EIT Funding: € 197,506.00

6 partners:

  • Wuppertal Institute of Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany
  • Cleantech, Bulgaria
  • Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT), Romania
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
  • Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, Greece
  • CirEkon, Serbia
Responsible Director Prof. Phoebe Koundouri. Team: P. Koundouri, L. Papadaki, Stathis Devves

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