EIT Climate-KIC | Cross-KIC Water Scarcity Activities

Good-quality water supply is a prerequisite for economic and social progress, especially in the RIS regions targeted in Southern Europe. In the early stages of the project in 2020, six main challenges to tackle water scarcity were identified:
1- Enabling Agile Water Management, via Digitalization
2- Raising Awareness and Promoting Education
3- Unlocking Water Governance and Financial Schemes
4- Optimizing and Matching Water Supply and Demand
5- Ensuring Better Water Consumption and Production Control to Allow Legal Enforcement.
6- Fostering Climate Change Readiness.
The Cross-KIC RIS project in 2021 aims to build on the knowledge, experiences and results achieved so far in the first year of the program to further tackle these challenges. The project will become the reference as a knowledge-sharing and a capacity building program for innovative companies working to fight against water scarcity in the South of Europe.

Duration: Start Date End Date 12/2021

Budget: Total Funding: € 25,187.00 EIT Funding: € 20,000.00

  Responsible: Director Prof. Phoebe Koundouri. Team: Lydia Papadaki , Nikos Mavrogiannakis


Workshops and events organised by Water Scarcity:

26/10/2020: Water Academy in Greece (online)

15/09/2020: InnoWise Challenge Lab: Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe (online)

30/06-01/07: “Body of Knowledge” Workshop on Water Scarcity in Southern – 3rd Online Workshop

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