EIT Climate-KIC – MEDfreeSUP project: Visit to Ikaria

EIT Climate-KIC – MEDfreeSUP project: Visit to Ikaria

The Greek team visited Ikaria Island in the East Aegean Sea, one of the 3 Greek case studies, to map the local system around the use of Single-Use-Plastic (SUP) items. The team conducted interviews with local businesses identified as problem owners (restaurants, cafes, bar, beach bars) to assess the needs and challenges for a switch to non-SUP items, and had the opportunity to meet with the local authorities to start working on a protocol for free SUP items, and define actions to raise awareness on SUP pollution in coastal and marine environment, and foster behavioral change.

For more information contact:

Lydia Papadaki http://www.icre8.eu/lydia-papadaki

Alice Guittard    http://www.icre8.eu/alice-guittard-2

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