Empowering Agroforestry Innovations in Mediterranean Countries: EU-funded LIVINGAGRO Project

LIVINGAGRO is an EU funded project that aims to share innovations related to agroforestry with stakeholders working with olives and grazed woodlands in Mediterranean countries. Project activities are spotlighting different innovations with high business potential in the agrifood sector, especially in relation to agroforestry and its benefits.

Athena RC has been contracted to provide three important outcomes of the project: to conduct a pre-competitive analysis on innovative solutions related to multifunctional olive systems and grazed woodland, to develop a related ICT solution, and to deliver training on business innovation in agroforestry. In particular, Prof. Asterios Pliakos, Dr Conrad Landis and Ms. Lydia Papadaki organized and delivered two face-to-face trainings in Lebanon (24th of July 2023) and Jordan (26th of July 2023), that were designed for those who are considering a business start-up, as well as those currently operating a small business and those that are interested in learning how to start a new business. Τhe courses were addressed to businesses, universities and research institutions, farmers’ organisations, researchers and anyone else interested in acquiring basic knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the basic international legal framework governing them. The training programme addressed two thematic areas (legal aspects for innovative businesses and economic aspects for innovative businesses), delivered in three courses.

The pre-competitive analysis and the related ICT tool will be available at the end of August 2023.

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