Event in honor of Professor Anastasios Xepapadeas

On May 6th, the Department of International and European Economic Studies, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and Prof. Phoebe Koundouri organized an event in honor of Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas, past president of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2006-2007).

The event was moderated by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, where during the event, renowned scientists from Greece and abroad referred to the remarkable academic career of the honored Professor, while presenting original scientific work during the two sessions of the event.

The opening speeches were given by the Emeritus Professor and Secretary General, Academy of Athens, Christos S. Zerefos who gave an overview of the work and the inspiring character of Prof. Xepapadeas and by Aart de Zeeuw, Emeritus Professor, Tilburg University.

The panel participants gave their main remarks as follows:

  • George Economides, Head of Department of International and European Economic Studies, highlighted the leadership role of Prof. Xepapadeas in the Department and the University as a whole.
  • George Zanias, shared with the audience personal stories from the beginning of his academic career with the professor Xepapdeas and mentioned important moments of his career.
  • Efthymia Kyriakopoulou, whose PhD supervisor and mentor was Prof. Xepapadeas, gave a presentation on “The zoom city: working from home & urban structure”.
  • Fabio Antoniou, mentioned the importance that the Professor acts as a role model for the young scientists and gave a presentation on “Strategic Export Motives and Linking Emission Markets” .
  • Athanasios Yannacopoulos, gave a presentation on “Decision Theory and Optimal Transport” and he referred to the deep impact that Prof. Xepapadeas had in his career.
  • Sartzetakis Eftihios, highlighted that the Professor served in research and mathematical modelling as well as to policy work.

The second session, began with the keynote speech of Prof. Elettra Agliardi, University of Bologna, who made a summary of the years they know each other. She referred to the Greek and Italian philosophy and the importance of the Italian Renaissance for the future of Europe. She also presented work of Prof. Xepapades in Italian newspapers as well as papers they co-authored.

  • Subsequently, Partha Dasgupta, referred to the high intellectual curiosity of Prof. Xepapadeas.
  • Prof. Simon Levingave a presentation on “Biological pattern formation and how theories there might be relevant to economics and also presented papers that they co-authored.
  • Ian Bateman also presented papers they co-authored on traditional standard economic models.
  • Lucas Bretschger, gave a presentation on “macroeconomic theory”, a famous work of Prof. Xepapadeas and on “climate change policy under polar amplification”.
  • David Zilberman,expressed his view about Prof. Xepapadeas as an aspiring scholar, a daring leader and as the cutting edge of econ-ecologics.
  • Alistair Ulphcalled the attention of the audience to submit papers at the Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE), the official journal of EAERE, at the Special Issue Themes as varied as Tasos’ research.


In his closing remarks, Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas expressed his gratitude to all the invited speakers who gathered to speak about his work and for the organization of the event and he highlighted the three academic stations to his career, the University of Crete, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the University of Bologna.


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