Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit: 2021

The Online Conference “Evidence Based Policy Making in Europe: Use cases and Digital tools for improved decisions” took place on Thursday, 9 December, 2021 to Friday, 10 December, 2021.

The convergence of Cloud, Big Data and AI has already resulted in major transformation across Government services, yet the process of policy making itself is often left behind. Join Policy Cloud, Decido, AI4PublicPolicy, DUET and Intelcomp at the virtual Evidence Based Policy Making in Europe event to explore major challenges, trends and opportunities to improve public sector decision making that will deliver healthier, happier places to live and work.

Digital technologies have changed the world. Today people expect faster, seamless, on-demand services from their providers, and Government is no exception. For effective urban operations which make life easier for residents, workers and visitors, Public Sector decision making needs to become more agile, breaking down data silos to combine day-to-day tactical decisions with longer term policies and strategies. Disruptive technologies such as Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) unlock new opportunities for sustainable decision making through visualisations, simulations and predictions that enhance transparency, increase public support and involvement, and optimise resources.

To support this transformation, Policy CloudDecidoAI4PublicPolicyDUET and Intelcomp pan-European projects and initiatives dedicated to using cloud for data-driven policy, have joined forces to host Evidence Based Policy Making in Europe, a premier conference for government that focuses purely on data and tools for decision making. Together with leading change agents from the European Commission and Local Government the event explored the new decision-making ecosystems being built by cities and administrations, including the use cases being adopted, and the innovative data and tools being adopted for modern policy making.

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave a speech at the Panel discussion “What can we do to slow down Climate Change?”.


What can we do to slow down Climate Change?

We are in the midst of a climate crisis which is contibuting to public health problems. Governments need to reduce and elimate emissions fast. Environmental policies exist but have largely failed to make a difference as measures have mainly focused on making emission reductions profitable for business, think carbon credits, energy saving bulbs. For more sustainable outcomes which make cities happier and healthier places to live for all, creative and innovative policies and tools need to be cocreated by the whole value chain. Digital enablers such as IoT, Cloud and Big Data ensure stakeholders can work together with a common-view/visualisation of the situation so they can simulate and predict the impact of differing policy choices.

Topics & Speakers:

Focus on Science Technology and Innovation for policy in the domain of Blue Economy – Phoebe Koundouri (ATHENA RC, IntelComp)

Event-based Policy making and co-creation in the disaster risk management – Antonio Filograna (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, DECIDO)

Data-driven policy-making for green routing in Athens – Ilia Christantoni (DAEM, DUET)


Watch the Panel Discussion here.

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