‘Feeding a Hungry Planet’ – FREE online course on Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability

A Paradox of today:

Despite progress made towards reducing malnourishment  –  Over 800 million people go hungry everyday, while over 2 billion people are overweight and obese. Can we address these challenges so that everyone, everywhere eats well? 

Feeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability, explores the key challenges to ensuring a healthy and sustainable diet for our growing world population, as well as the central role of agriculture in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This course provides a historical overview of the past 50 years of agricultural development, the consequences of continuing along this trajectory, and key levers for improving food security, malnutrition, ecosystem management, and the responsible production and consumption of food.

In partnership with Rothamsted Research, UK, this course is led by Achim Dobermann with other faculty members from Columbia University, USA, Cornell University, USA, Johns Hopkins University, USA, Rothamsted Research, UK, Tufts University, USA and Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Starting March 20th, this 7-week online course explores the key challenges to achieving SDG 2 ! The course is free and has absolutely no pre-requisites. You will also receive a Certificate signed by the Course faculty upon successful completion of the course.

Grab a snack and enroll here: http://bit.ly/AgMarch17 to learn how its production impacts things globally !


About the SDG Academy: 

The SDG Academy is a virtual platform that provides high-quality, mass online education in the field of sustainable development. We bring together the world’s foremost experts on sustainable development – including health, education, climate change, agriculture and food systems, sustainable investment, and other related fields – to offer a comprehensive core curriculum, equipping the next generation of sustainable development practitioners to take on the complex challenges facing our planet.


This #AgMOOC is part of the SDG Academy’s Spring Semester of courses.

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