Food, Water and Energy Solutions for Resilience in a Vulnerable World | The Arava Institute

24 Deptember 2020

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies invites you to watch the recording of this online conference discussing the need to build resilience into our vulnerable world by adopting localized food, water and energy solutions, enabling communities to be more sustainable, self-sustained and capable of meeting the challenges of climate change. The Arava Institute has worked for years developing partnerships and technologies that provide solutions to vulnerable off-grid communities.

This webinar offers the opportunity to hear how these technologies work and their potential to provide solutions for resilience in a vulnerable world.


00:00 Welcome – David Lehrer, Executive Director of the Arava Institute – The Arava Institute’s role in the development and implementation of distributed food, water and energy solutions in the Middle East

03:20 Keynote Speaker – Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, Athens University of Economics and Business – Sketching Sustainability Transition in Europe: Sustainable Development Goals, European Green Deal, EU Recovery Plan

52:54 Jordan River Basin Cooperation on Water – Prof. Eilon Adar, Ben-Gurion University Zuckerberg Water Institute Panel I – Water

01:07:24 Watergen – Atmospheric Water Generator – Roni Litinetsky, WaterGen Representative

01:18:28 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment for Re-Use in Jordan and Gaza – Yitzhak Gal

01:29:23 Laguna – Vertical Green Wall Wastewater Treatment and Reuse System – Dr. Clive Lipchin

01:37:55 Q&A

01:42:28 Regional Energy Cooperative Solutions – Dr. Nurit Gal, Former Deputy Director, Israel Electricity Authority; Oxford Martin School, Oxford University

Panel II – Energy

01:51:41 Home Biogas – waste to energy – Yair Teller, CEO Home Biogas

01:58:43 Solar air heaters potential in the region – Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed

02:06:21 Q&A

02:10:19 Break

02:12:26 Regional food and self-sufficiency – Dr. Shmuel Brenner

Panel III – Food and Self-Sufficiency

02:18:30 ‘Solabundance’ – Local Autonomy Using the Sun, Air and Metal Hydrides – Prof. Jürgen Kleinwächter, Germany, speaking for the consortium of: SunOrbit, Gotec, Max Plank Institute, ShyaLou foundation

02:29:54 AgriVoltaics, the Energy-Food-Water Nexus – Dr. Tali Zohar, Dead Sea and Arava Science Center

02:40:31 Village in a Box – Victor Haim and Yonatan Haran, Co-Founders, Sustainable Group LTD

02:52:41 Q&A

03:02:25 Conclusion and thanks

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