FUTURA Economia x l’ambiente Expo 2023

On October 8, Professor Phoebe Koundouri was invited to share her insights at the FUTURA Economia x l’ambiente Expo 2023, alongside Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor Robert F. Engle. This three-day event, dedicated to the themes of sustainability and “economics for the environment,” took place at the Brixia Forum in Brescia and was organized by the Camera di commercio di Brescia.

In a panel discussion moderated by Professor Maurizio Tira, former rector of the University of Brescia, and Roberto Sancinelli, President of Montello Group, Professor Koundouri focused on the critical topics of sustainable development, climate change, and future economic growth. Specifically, she highlighted the wealth of growth opportunities that the sustainability transition offers for both developed and developing countries. She also presented our method for ESG-SDGs transformation for companies that empower their financial sustainability and profit.

Learn more about the conference here

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