ICRE8, scientifically directed by Prof. Koundouri, is excited to participate to the Rural Vision week where the H2020 COASTAL project team will host a virtual stand in the Marketplace ( It will showcase the coastal-rural visions developed within the project, through a cross-sectoral approach, involving representatives from coastal activities and rural activities in 6 countries (Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Greece, Spain, France). The stall will present 3 generics visions of Europe’s coastal-rural regions sustainable future (“Naturally better”; “Stronger together”; “What goes around comes around”) and 2 examples of local visions co-developed in cross-collaborative workshops by stakeholders of the Mar Menor-Murcia region in Spain and of the Charente river basin in France.

Find out more at: Coastal_virtualleaflets_EURuralWeek (1)

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