Global Accelerator Programme offers funding, training and mentoring to Start-ups focused on the decarbonization needs of the maritime industry

Application deadline: June 25th


The Maritime ClimAccelerator consortium announces the opening of the application phase for the new Accelerator Programme of EIT Climate-KIC, which is addressed to start-ups that are focused on the decarbonization needs of the maritime industry.

The new Thematic Accelerator is directed towards start-ups from all over the world that have surpassed the idea stage and are in the process of making their entry into the market, by finding and securing their first customers and engaging potential investors.

The Maritime ClimAccelerator is run by the Cyprus University of Technology, the Fundacion Valenciaport, ATHENA Research Centre, Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, the Cyprus Energy Agency, Chrysalis LEAP, the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and UNIFUND, together with a vast network of collaborators and supporters from around the world.

Through the programme, besides financial support, start-ups will receive top-notch training from experienced trainers and industry experts with several years of experience, as well as constant guidance and coaching throughout the programme.

The training will be designed according to the stage of development of each start up and it will include the development and validation of their business model, an introduction to Financial & Business Planning as well as access to investors and start-up investment programmes. Funding can reach €20.000, depending on the maturity level of each start-up, while the accelerator’s network of investors and partners may provide additional funding on a case-by-case basis.

Following an assessment of all applications received, eligible candidates will be invited to pitch their start-up in front of a jury that will comprise individuals with extensive knowledge and experience on entrepreneurial topics and the maritime industry.

Interested applicants can submit their application by visiting the Maritime ClimAccelerator website (

The deadline is June 25th. For more information you can contact


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