Global Town Hall 2023

On Saturday, September 2, 2023, the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) and Global Citizen, in collaboration with a global consortium comprising respected civil society organizations, think tanks, and universities, organized a virtual Global Town Hall under the theme “This is Our World Too: A North-South-East-West Dialogue of Civil Societies.”

During the session titled “Geopolitical Rivalries: The West and the Global South in the 21st-Century World Order” Professor Phoebe Koundouri emphasized the need for UN SDGs stimulus for Agenda 2030, tackling the high cost of debt and rising risks of debt distress, including short-term interest borrowing into long-term debt at lower interest rates and massively scale up affordable long-term financing for development, through public development banks and by aligning all financing flows with the SDGs.

The primary objective of the Global Town Hall 2023 was to establish an impartial, inclusive, and vibrant platform that could bring together leading intellectuals and concerned citizens from numerous nations. It aimed to foster a dialogue about the state of the world and promote discussions on the critical challenges facing the international community today.

Watch the 2023 conference here

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