Horizon EU | ΜΑΙΑ: Maximising impact and accessibility of European climate research

ΜΑΙΑ: Maximising impact and accessibility of European climate research

MAIA will act as an impact multiplier by providing social structures, and technological and outreach activities to accompany, potentiate and help maximize the impact of climate research projects funded under Horizon Europe. MAIA constitutes the response from a group of coordinators and core partners from seven H2020 precursor projects in climate change research (BINGO, BRIGAID, CLARITY,  Connecting Nature, DRIVER+, PLACARD and RESCUE). In these projects, driven by the EC’s advice to identify synergies and spark collaboration, we liaised and detected a clear need for increased connectivity and a more robust approach to synergies management as a means to unlock more meaningful and impact-oriented interactions. MAIA pivots around connectivity as a key enabling factor for effective outreach. Therefore, we are envisioning specific actions for enhancing i) the connectivity of existing communities  (consolidation and activation of a Pan-European community of problem owners, solution providers, and enablers); ii) the connectivity  of knowledge and technological infrastructure (creation of the MAIA Portal); and iii) the connectivity of the EU climate research  (coordinating an EU climate change research Cluster).


 Duration: 2022-2025

 Budget: € 4.300.000

Leading Institution: Basque Center for Climate Change

Partnership: Athena – Research & Innovation Information Technologies, ATHENA RC – GREECE




Funded by the EU


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