The International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy

The International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy (ICRE8) is a nonprofit private Research Centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research on sustainable development and management of the Environment, Energy, Economy, Eco-innovations and their electronic versions (hence E8). The overarching goal of the Centre is to promote the understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development, as the only non-self-destructive path of socio-economic development.

Central to the mission of ICRE8 is the pursuit of excellence in conducting and presenting research, and a commitment to exploring relevant environmental, natural resources and energy issues, for a variety of circumstances and stakeholders and across different temporal and spatial scales. In particular, ICRE8 focuses on developing structured and methodologically sound approaches to recognizing, demonstrating and capturing the Total Economic Value of public goods and services, and integrating them in long-run cost benefit analysis, in order to inform sound and sustainable management tools and policy making, while recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of the challeng

The Centre’s research expertise includes financial analysis, socio-economic and econometric analysis, environmental valuation, political and institutional analysis, integrated environmental-economic modeling, cost-benefits analysis, multi-criteria analysis, life cycle analysis, risk analysis, geographical information systems, multi-stakeholder mediations techniques, game theory, information technologies and decision making tools development.

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