INTELCOMP CLIMATE CHANGE LIVING LAB Topic: “Agri-Food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation – Understanding the public opinions in Evidence-Based policymaking”

H2020 IntelComp project aims to deliver a platform that provides tools for assisting the whole spectrum of STI policy, i.e., agenda setting, modeling design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It will do so by involving multi-disciplinary teams to co-develop innovative analytics services, Natural Language Processing pipelines and Artificial Intelligence workflows and by exploiting open data, services and computational resources from the EOSC, HPC environments and federated distributed operations at the European Union, national and regional level.

This workshop focused on the “Agri-food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation” and took place on Thursday, 5th of October 2023. The workshop was organized by ATHENA RC and is part of the Adaptation to Climate Change Living Lab. It gave the chance to participants to familiarize with the STI Viewer, an Interactive AI-assisted, data and visualization platform for monitoring, evaluation & policy making and the STI Participation Portal, an online platform designed for citizen groups (civil society organisations), academic representatives, and representatives of business interests. It also aimed to validate and improve the tools and the surveys related to STI policies based on stakeholder needs. It was attended by policy analysts and specialists on AgriFood STI in Greece, specifically, from the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation, Hellenic Mediterranean University, American Farm School, ELIDEK and ATHENA RC. Stakeholders raised concerns that should be taken into account in the survey regarding the AgriFood breakdown, mapping where we stand today, providing motives to farmers (such as financial aid, specific trainings, connection with the innovation and scientific community) for implementing sustainability practices, and to sellers (such as redefining the producer’s responsibility) to avoid food loss. In addition, we discussed how to advance the STI Viewer.

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