INTELCOMP Climate Change Living Lab | Topic: “Agri-Food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation”

This workshop focused on “Agri-food: Indicators, Trends, Publications and Innovation” and took place on Tuesday, 6th of June 2023. The workshop was organized by ATHENA RC and is part of the Adaptation to Climate Change Living Lab. It gave the chance to participants to familiarize with the STI Viewer, an Interactive AI-assisted, data and visualization platform for monitoring, evaluation & policy making. It was attended by policy officers and policy analysts in Greece and EU, specifically, from the OECD -Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), the Soil and Water Resources Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Organization “DEMETER”, the Soil and Water Resources Institute (SWRI) – Hellenic Agricultural Organisation (HAO), the Foodscale Hub in Greece, American Farm School, University of Pisa, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and IntelComp partners.

This workshop aimed at the validation of the developed features of the STI Viewer and at its expansion based on the final users’ needs. You can find more in this link.

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