Interview about Circular Economy by “Sporos Platform”- Greek newspaper “To VIMA”

A very interesting interview in the Greek newspaper “To Vima” about Circular Economy by “Sporos Platform”, the first “Circular Investment” platform in SE Europe, which has been recognized as “best practice” by the European Commission for its contribution to the so-called “Circular Transition” of SMEs and the support of the productive economy.


  • Professor Dr. Phoebe Koundouri, Athens University of Economics and Business; President Elect of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; Co-chair UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network; member of the Pissaridis Committee; Chairman of the “Circular Board” of Sporos Platform.
  • George Kofinakos, Chairman of the Investment Committee of Sporos Platform.
  • Gerasimos Routzounis, Sporos Platform Partner and Strategy Director.
  • Lefteris Kontos, Investor Relations Manager of Sporos Platform and CEO of the international investment match-making platform “In4Capital”.
  • Professor Plutarchos Sakellaris, Honorary Vice President of the European Investment Bank with remarkable international experience in energy projects, who strategically advises the Sporos Platform on Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Investment.

Read the interview:

Learn more about Sporos Platform:

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