Introducing Q Open

Developed in collaboration between Oxford University Press, the European Agricultural and Applied Economics Publications Foundation, and the European Association for Agricultural Economics, Q Open is an innovative new open-access journal, publishing applied research across agricultural, climate, environmental, food, resource, and rural development economics. The title is inspired by the Q category of the Journal of Economic Literature’s subject classification system.

Q Open’s editors are Iain Fraser, Erwin Bulte, Vincenzina Caputo, Phoebe Koundouri, and David Lewis, and they are supported by a team of associate editors who handle papers closest to their speciality and including a number who are specialists in environmental and resource economics. The editorial team is dedicated to rigorous and fast peer-review, aiming to provide a first decision within 4-6 weeks. To help achieve this, authors have the option to share reports from a previous submission.

Q Open operates ‘sound-science’ peer review, where the focus is on scientific rigour and reflects the state-of-the-art in the field. The decision on acceptance/rejection will rely less on the often subjective evaluations of likely impact, novelty, or breadth of interest. The practice of existing journals in the field shows that the editorial process has limited success in evaluating along these dimensions of manuscript quality and it may be a source of publication bias, as currently discussed in the scientific community in general.

Please consider Q Open as an outlet for your future papers.

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Martin Green, Oxford University Press
Krijn Poppe, European Agricultural and Applied Economics Publications Foundation

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