Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF) | Pursuing resilient economy in uncertain times: Major challenges for Serbia and the Western Balkans

On Monday 6th March, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave a speech at the Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF): “Pursuing resilient economy in uncertain times: Major challenges for Serbia and the Western Balkans”, organized by the Serbian Association of Economists.  The Forum presented an opportunity offered once a year to discuss the most pressing economic and social issues in Serbia and gathered over 1,200 participants, including eminent professors, government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, businessmen, domestic and foreign investors, and representatives of international financial organizations.

Prof. Koundouri participated at the “Western Balkans Sustainable Development Solution Network” panel.  The participants exchanged their views on the topic of possible solutions regarding the sustainable development of the countries of the region, concluding that the path to European integration depends on a common solution based on SDGs and UN agenda 2030. Prof. Koundouri has presented the methodology that she and her team have developed for financially efficient ESG-SDG transformation of governments and companies, including asset management companies.

Moderator: Lagumdžija Zlatko, Professor, School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo/Co-Chair, SDSN WB


  • Cvetković Mirko, Former Prime Minister of Serbia
  • Koundouri Phoebe, Professor, School of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business/Co-Chair SDSN Europe
  • Mesi Senida, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Albania and MP
  • Vujanović Filip, Former President of Montenegro

Learn more about the Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF) here

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