Latest news of our MEDfreeSUP project!

The MEDfreeSUP project is conducting practical local experiments, testing alternatives to Single-Use-Plastic in the food and beverage industry, in Corfu Island. The goal? supporting local businesses and consumers in adopting alternative practices to single-use to foster behavioral change. The research Team will assess the viability of such system in a Greek touristic island, by collecting feedback from the consumer and the business side.
 5 cafes are participating in a pilot test for the implementation of a deposit-refund cup system. The Corfu Cup has been launched on the 26th of October and will last for about 5 weeks, giving the opportunity to Corfiots to get a coffee in a reusable cup (with a deposit of 5 euros) and bring it back in another café participating in the pilot experiment (and getting back their deposit of 5 euros).
In collaboration with EllaHellas, MEDfreeSUP is also experimenting the use of reusable straws in bars, 3 cafes are currently testing the straws in their daily operation.
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More the follow soon!
Prof. Phoebe Koundouri- Scientific Responsible on behalf of ATHENA RC
Alice Guittard – Project manager
Xenia Tombrou – Project officer Corfu
Facebook: @ClimateKICGRHub @GarbaeArtCorfu @ellahellas

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