Meeting with SDSN Secretariat during 6th G-STIC Conference & 4th edition of SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum (GSF) in Rio de Janeiro

On the 14th of February, during the 6th G-STIC Conference and a day prior to the launch of 4th edition of SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum (GSF) in Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Koundouri had the honor of meeting and discussing synergies with colleagues from the SDSN Secretariat, Giovanni Bruna (Program Manager, Networks Program) and colleagues representing SDSN’s member institutions including Ibrahima Kampo (Network Manager, SDSN Sahel), Gianluca Breghi (Managing Director, Achille Sclavo Foundation), Ali Ruiz Coronel (Researcher-Lecturer, Institute for Social Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico), and Darelle Van Greunen (Distinguished Professor and Director, Centre for Community Technologies, Nelson Mandela University). These colleagues, along with John Lavis, Director, McMaster Health Forum, and Co-Lead, Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges, McMaster University (who joined virtually) were the 5 speakers who presented their innovative and scalable solutions to a global audience.


We will hold a follow up discussion to explore potential collaborations between our institutions and work portfolios.

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