Alamanos Angelos

Position: Dr., Policy Analyst in Water Services, National Water Forum of Ireland - Postdoctorate at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dr. Angelos Alamanos is a graduate of the Civil Engineering Department of the Polytechnic School of University of Thessaly (2014). From November 2014 until February 2019 elaborated his PhD Thesis in the same Department, entitled “Integrated Decision Support System for sustainable Water Resources Management, through hydro-economic modeling and Multicriteria Analysis”. He has received two scholarships for his PhD from EEA and the Foundation of Greek State Scholarships. He has participated in 13 scientific articles in refereed journals, 16 scientific articles in conference proceedings and workshops. He has participated/attended in total 41 conferences, workshops, seminars, while he is a reviewer in eight international journals. He has also an active contribution in the teaching and research activities of the Laboratory of Hydrology and Aquatic Systems Analysis, Dpt. Of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly. His professional experience includes employment at the Ionian Islands Region in the port of Corfu, private sector, the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (N.I.BIO), and postdoctoral research at the Water Institute, University of Waterloo, Canada. His main research interests include: a) Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Management, b) Development of hydro-economic models to manage ecosystems and watersheds, c) Hydrological and Hydraulic modelling, d) Environmental valuation, e) Multicriteria Analysis and Optimization Methods in Water Resources Management, f) Impact of climate change and land uses on aquatic systems, and g) Urban water management.

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