Giaoutzi Maria

Position: Professor, National Technical University Athens

Professor of Economic Geography and Regional Planning, until 2012, at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, National Technical University of Athens; Fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) of the Royal Dutch Academy, since 1991; Member of various International Research Networks (GREMI, NECTAR, URBINO, STELLA, etc.); Consultant at various International Organizations, such as OECD, EEC, ERT, ESF, etc. Among others Elected Chancellor at the Steering Committee of the International Regional Science Association (1990-94); Elected Member of the Executive Committee of I.G.U-C18 (Telecommunications)/ CNFG, (1992-95); President of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Tourism Organization Land Development Company (1998-2000).She has long experience in National and International research projects and has been affiliated to many European Universities. She has published extensively books and articles and has served as chief editor but also in the editorial board of many international journals. Her research experience is on Foresight, e- Planning, Scenario Planning, Participatory Methodologies and Modelling, Environmental Integrated Assessment, ICTs and Spatial Structures, Decision Support Systems, Evaluation Methods, e-Learning, Resource Management, Renewable Energy, Transportation Planning, Tourism and Regional Development.

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