Spyres Georgina

Position: PhD in Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon at the North Atlantic Ocean Margin

Dr Georgina Spyres (F) received her doctorate from the Univ. of Plymouth, UK for her research on the «Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon at the North Atlantic Ocean Margin» with an EU DGXII FP6 scholarship. She has worked in prestigious academic and research centres in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Israel, Spain and Greece on international programs and has lectured in institutions in Greece and the USA, on environmental science and environmental sustainability issues.  For the last two decades she has been active in education and training, as well as applying effective evaluation and research methods to assess impact of interventions for behavioural change toward achieving the SDGs. Dr. Spyres is a member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and has authored several children’s books in Greece on climate change and other anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity. Her main interests lie in science communication and education for sustainability.

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