MERMAID End User Conference, Brussels, Belgium POSTPONED!

The European FP7-project MERMAID deals with the integration of various functionalities (energy production, aquaculture, shipping, etc.) in multi-use offshore platforms. The MERMAID end user conference – held on 26 November 2015 in Brussels – provides a unique opportunity for the offshore private sector, experts and other stakeholders to share ideas with the European science community. At the end user conference, you can discuss and respond to the newest scientific developments, tools and experiences obtained on these platforms by the MERMAID project (FP7) and other related European projects such as TROPOS and H2OCEAN.

The MERMAID project has been an interdisciplinary cooperation between marine scientists, economists and maritime industries. The focus was on developing innovative, forward-looking and sustainable approaches to boost the economic potential of offshore activities. Further, we focused on additionally reducing the impact on the marine environment and using the marine space in the most efficient way. The project designed multi-use offshore platform concepts under the different conditions occurring in European waters (Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean). The challenges and opportunities for the development of these integrated platforms in the near future will be highlighted. The end user conference will be held in the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday 26 November 2015. The results booked in the MERMAID project and related projects on multi-use offshore platforms will be presented in plenary. The afternoon break-out sessions allow a more face-to-face discussion with project partners, where exchanges of ideas and inquiry on the regional challenges will be possible. A panel discussion (moderated by BBC4 journalist Quentin Cooper) closes the day. The MERMAID end user conference is a timely initiative as it contributes to the fulfilment of the EU strategies on renewable energy, the blue economy and the expansion of sustainable aquaculture. It will provide an opportunity to underline the potential of multi-use offshore platforms and the key role they can play towards blue growth in Europe. For more information, see:



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