NAVgreen | Green Maritime Industry

Project summary:

NAVGREEN aims to improve the maritime industry’s environmental impact. The program will focus on several key areas: developing alternatives to traditional fuels, improving energy efficiency in ships and ports, using new digital technologies to better manage operations, and encouraging recycling and the use of biofuels. Through this program, we aim to make shipping more sustainable and efficient.

NAVGREEN’s objectives are :

  • Holistic approach for optimizing “Green Shipping”, with alternative solutions for various maritime activities.
  • Development of solutions for alternative fuels, production, storage, and energy management.
  • Energy upgrading of ships and ports with design, technological, and operational solutions.
  • Implementation of digitalization technologies and management of ship and port operations.
  • Promotion of circular economy and energy recovery, through green recycling and biofuel production.
  • Evaluation of solution efficiency and finding the ideal combination for each case.
  • Development of a decision support tool that includes investments.
  • Compilation of a roadmap of actions for promoting shipping towards decarbonization and offering solutions to researchers, shipping companies, ship inspectors, ports, ship and equipment manufacturers.

Partnership: Athens University of Economics and Business – Research Center, AUEB-RC – GREECE

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Athens University of Economics and Business, leads several tasks including Investigating the directions of the Green Deal in order to maintain the methodology and work of the project within its priorities. Moreover, AUEB will assess the environmental benefit and the general carbon footprint along the value chain of the shipping activities.


The funding for the project is provided through the Recovery and Resilience Fund under Greece’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Greece 2.0)

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