Nexus cluster workshop

On 29th October 2019, the ‘Nexus cluster workshop: Methods, tools and data for policy support on the Nexus’ took place in Brussels. The purpose of the workshop was to showcase the achievements from research projects in defining the resource nexus, including the development of methods as well as the use of tools and available data. The projects address several policy domains including sectoral policies (e.g. energy, climate, environmental and agricultural), as well as cross-sectoral policies (e.g. resource efficiency, circular economy). The workshop was co-organized by the H2020 project DAFNE -which is managed by ICRE8, among the others- together with the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME), SIM4NEXUS, UNU-FLORES and the Nexus Project Cluster.

The workshop brought together EU-funded projects related to the resource nexus as well as other (non-EU funded) related initiatives with the objective to stimulate peer-to-peer and science-to-policy discussions on how to get the most out of nexus research for the benefit of society and policy-making.

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