Online event “Efficient Mobility: The future transport option”

On Wednesday 30th of March Prof. Koundouri participated in a discussion at the online event “Efficient Mobility: The future transport option” organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Greece & Cyprus along with the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Yiannis Kefalogiannis and the President of Road Transport SA, Vasilis Xipolitas. The discussion was coordinated by Dr. Maria Kottari, Research Associate: School of Transnational Governance (Climate cluster)-European University Institute (EUI), Founder of “The Energy Matrix” Policy Consultancy.

Prof. Koundouri said: “With transport contributing around 5% to EU GDP and employing more than 10 million people in Europe, the transport system is critical to European businesses and global supply chains. At the same time, transport is not without costs to our society: greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions, noise, road crashes and congestion. Today, transport emissions represent around one quarter of the EU’s total GHG emissions. We need to transform European transport, with increased public and private investment in the modernisation and greening of our fleets and infrastructure, and by reinforcing the single market. European transport needs to become more sustainable, more competitive globally, more resistant to future shocks, while this evolution should leave nobody behind: sustainable and resilient mobility should be available and affordable for all and create attractive jobs.

You may watch the event at: 

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