Open Access Week 2022

On Wednesday 26th of October, Mrs Lydia Papadaki, Researcher, ATHENA RC and co-Manager of EIT Climate-KIC Greece Hub, participated in the session “Open Data in the forefront: driving policy decisions for climate justice” where she discussed the goals and objectives of the Adaptation to Climate Change Living Lab under the IntelComp project, which took place during the Open Access Week 2022.

During this session, the discussion focused on how open access is contributing to Climate Justice at policy level. Why is the scientific contribution fundamental for policymakers?

Natalia Manola, CEO of OpenAIRE, interviewed experts who are fully involved in using the open data to support strategic policy decisions to understand what the current status of opening data is and what they envision in the future. Among the speakers were: Cecilia Cabello (Director of Operations, FECYT, Spain, IntelComp Project), Antonio Filograna (Senior Researcher at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A, Italy, DECIDO Project), Davide Prette (CEO of Kpeople Research Foundation, Malta, DECIDO Project) and Fabio Perossini (Kpeople Research Foundation in Malta).


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