Pioneers into practice Final Workshop

Pioneers into Practice Final Workshop


The final workshop draws the Pioneers programme to a close, the objective is to wrap up the programme in the most coherent and meaningful possible way for pioneers, while gathering diverse feedback to shape the programme going forward. Therefore, it is time for individual and collective meaning making through sharing their personal and collective experiences and reflecting on both the insights gained and the possibilities for further steps.


The primary goal of the final workshop is to enable participants to make sense out of the whole pioneering experience, honing down the lessons learned as individuals and groups, all the while paving the way for further actions to be taken on.

The specific goals were the following.

  •  Pioneers to reflect on the whole experience, the process, the outputs and the outcomes by means of harvesting the lessons learnt throughout the personal, group and collective activities.
  •  Pioneers, to give and receive feedback about their own and other pioneers’ group projects.
  •  Pioneers to consider and envision how to embed the new gained insights forward in their own lives irrespective of the context for their future steps.
  • To reinforce the pioneers’ network built throughout the programme.
  • To engage pioneers in further Climate-KIC activities or follow-up processes.
  •  To collect as much feedback as possible to feed the next editions of the programme.
  •  To close the programme officially.


The programme of the final workshop below

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