PRIMA Workshop on Synergies with EU & International Initiatives

The PRIMA conference, held from 21 to 22 November, brought together economists and representatives of important international organizations to discuss innovative measures to be implemented in the countries of the Mediterranean area. During the workshop, PRIMA’s synergies and its initiatives in Europe and abroad were made known. PRIMA’s overall objective is to promote and fund research and development activities to intensify the relations between different companies and organizations in order to make the Mediterranean area more sustainable from an agri-food and water point of view. This objective can be reached thanks to an intensification of relations between the states bordering the Mediterranean and an effective implementation of environmental regulations in force. The workshop continued with reflections on the need to share infrastructure and knowledge, in order to save resources and apply the best available techniques. Among the participants Professor Phoebe Koundouri, representing the SDSN of Greece, who spoke during the session on dissemination, knowledge transfer and development skills, explained what and how the research center she chairs works in order to increase its partnerships and presenting the most relevant initiatives.

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