Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave a lecture in the GSPP Course on Water Policy and Management at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan on 8 September 2018

On 5-6 October 2018, the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy (NU GSPP) and the Astana Civil Service Hub held a conference on “Contemporary Issues in Public Administration in postSoviet Eurasia” at Nazarbayev University. Researchers, experts and civil service practitioners from more than 30 countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Singapore, China, the Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland and other countries participated in the conference.


Guest Lecture by Professor Phoebe Koundouri from Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece on 8 September 2018. Furthermore, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri presented SDSN, Climate-KIC and ReSEES research results at the conference.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Jenniver Sehring from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands on 15 September 2018

Guest Lecture by Mr Apostolis Tzimas, from EMVIS Water Resources and Environmental Management, Greece on 22 September 2018

Nazarbayev University


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