SDSN Greece Youth Annual Call for Volunteers: A Great Success

This year’s SDSN Greece Youth Annual Call for Volunteers-took place on Thursday, 19 October 2017, in Athens. The meeting was organized by the SDSN Greece Youth team in an effort to attract all the young people that had shown interest in being be part of the initiative and volunteer in its actions. The call attracted more than 30 young people, some of them university students and others belonging to the young labor force of our country.

Each volunteer had the chance to introduce themselves and explain the reason they want to contribute to the SDSN Youth Global Initiative and to the localization of the SDGs towards their implementation in our country. The participants, all from different backgrounds and interests, showed enthusiasm to be part of the SDSN youth network that would provide them a platform to express their unique ideas and passions and transfer them into collective actions. As SDGs are interlinkages, people are connected as well.

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