SDSN Greece Youth participates in 3 events this week

A week full of ‘’sustainability’’ is ahead of us this week as the youth team of the SDSN Greece will be participating in three different events, all of them taking place in Athens. Starting Wednesday 29/03, we have the pleasure to attend the opening ceremony of the annual conference, Youth Model of Parliament, organized by SAFIA (Students’ Association for International Affairs) at the Athens War Museum, followed by the Youth Speak Forum on Thursday 30/03, organized by AIESEC, at the Benaki Museum. Last but not least, the week will end at Texnopolis, in Gazi, at the Athens Science Festival (31/03-1/4).

The team of UN SDSN Youth Network in Greece will be informing the participants about the activities of the SDSN Network and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also, the participants will be given the chance to prioritise the 3 most important SDGs for Greece according to their opinion and they will be asked to state in which SDGs they feel that they contribute most, personally, in the case that they do contribute to the implementation of SDGs!

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